Summer is here, and with temperatures soaring in San Diego, La Mesa, and Spring Valley, you might be thinking of investing in a brand-new AC unit. Before you plunge into installation, did you know that a poorly installed air conditioner can compromise its performance and efficiency? This blog post will enlighten you about the mistakes you must avoid to ensure your AC runs smoothly all season long.

Mistake #1: Wrong Unit Size

Don’t Judge an AC by Its Size!

We often make assumptions based on size. The bigger, the better, right? Well, when it comes to air conditioning units, this principle doesn’t necessarily apply.

Understanding the Implications of Size

AC units are designed to cater to specific sizes of rooms or homes. Their capacity, measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), indicates how much cooling they can provide. Just as wearing oversized shoes can be uncomfortable, an oversized AC can be detrimental to your home.

An oversized AC tends to cool the room quickly, leading it to turn on and off frequently. This constant cycling is not only annoying but can result in excessive wear and tear on the unit. Each start-up draws a significant amount of energy, leading to an uptick in your utility bills. Plus, it prevents the system from running long enough to dehumidify the air, which means your rooms might feel cool but damp. Always consult with a top air conditioning installation service to help you find the right-sized unit for your space.

Conversely, an undersized AC has its own set of challenges. It will struggle to meet the cooling demands, running perpetually in an attempt to reach the set temperature. This constant operation can strain the system, reducing its lifespan. Additionally, your rooms will never reach the comfort level you desire, leading to a hot, sticky environment, especially during the peak summer months in places like San Diego, La Mesa, and Spring Valley.

Why Professional Consultation Matters

It’s not just about picking an AC unit based on your room’s square footage. Factors like the number of windows, room insulation, number of occupants, and even the direction your home faces can influence the unit size you need.

Professional AC installation services, armed with a wealth of experience and precise calculations, have the expertise to recommend the ideal unit size for your home. This comprehensive approach guarantees efficient cooling while avoiding unnecessary energy expenses. In certain cases, ductless mini split systems may be suggested as an optimal solution for specific spaces, providing versatile and energy-efficient climate control options tailored to your needs.

AC Installation experts

Mistake #2: Ignoring Airflow

Breathe Easy with Proper Ventilation

When installing or positioning an air conditioning unit, one crucial aspect that’s often overlooked is the significance of uninterrupted airflow. Proper ventilation is paramount for several reasons:

Why is Airflow Important?

  • Efficient Cooling: An air conditioner can distribute cool air evenly across the room with proper airflow. Conversely, if the airflow is restricted, some areas of your home might remain warm, leading to inconsistent temperature levels.
  • Longevity of the Unit: The harder your AC has to work due to restricted airflow, the more wear and tear it experiences. This can result in a shortened lifespan and might require more frequent maintenance or replacements.
  • Energy Consumption: A compromised airflow means the unit will have to run longer and work harder to achieve the desired temperature, which can drastically hike up your energy bills. In cities like San Diego, La Mesa, and Spring Valley, where the summers can be sweltering, this can make a considerable difference in monthly expenses.
  • Air Quality: Proper airflow ensures that the indoor air is continually being replaced with fresh air, maintaining good air quality. Blockages can lead to stale air, increasing the risk of allergens and pollutants circulating in your home.

Mistake #3: Incorrect Thermostat Placement

Location, Location, Location!

The thermostat, often dubbed the brain of your cooling system, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your AC runs effectively. Its location can be the difference between a pleasantly cool home and a space that’s either too hot or too cold. The thermostat can pick up misleading temperature readings when placed near windows, doors, or household appliances. For instance, if situated close to a sunny window, it might detect excessive warmth, prompting the AC to work overtime even when the rest of the room is cool.


  • Overworking the AC leads to wear and tear.
  • Energy wastage resulting in higher bills.
  • Uneven room temperatures cause discomfort.

Mistake #4: Skipping the Insulation

Keep the Cool In!

Imagine trying to fill a leaky bucket with water – futile and frustrating. That’s what it’s like running an AC in a poorly insulated home. Its cooling simply seeps out, and your AC must keep running to compensate. Insulation acts as a protective barrier, preventing the cooled air from escaping your home and ensuring the hot air stays out.


  • Loss of cooled air, rendering the AC less efficient.
  • AC is working incessantly, leading to wear and potential damage.
  • A surge in energy consumption results in expensive utility bills.

Mistake #5: DIY Installation

Some Things Are Best Left to Experts

With the plethora of DIY videos available online, it might be tempting to turn AC installation into a weekend project. While this might seem like a cost-effective approach initially, it could lead to potential pitfalls in the long run. AC systems are intricate, and a slight oversight during installation could compromise their functioning.


  • An improperly installed AC can lead to inconsistent cooling.
  • Risks of refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, or even potential fire hazards.
  • Voided warranties due to non-professional installation.


We all want a comfortable living environment, especially during the scorching summer months. By avoiding these common AC installation mistakes, you can ensure your cooling system remains in top-notch condition. Remember, it’s not just about installing an AC; it’s about installing it right. If you’re in need of expert guidance or think your current system might be a victim of these mistakes, Arctic Airflow Heating and Air Conditioning Inc is here to help. We invite you to share your experiences or questions in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going! Remember, knowledge is the key to avoiding Common AC Installation Mistakes to Avoid.